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The Beths at Band on the Wall

Touring Auckland Band play fuzzy fun pop and make me feel nice!

I’ve been excited about seeing the Beths for about 6 months now, ever since listening to them on a whim on bandcamp and getting hooked. Having missed them earlier this year, it was with a bubbling joy I dragged my lovely wife off to see them at Manchester’s Band on the Wall. We had some Jamaican chocolate dumplings first in Pull Up Cafe, obviously, then headed into the venue… The Beths

Well. Did they live up to the hype in my quite easily-hyped brain? Yes. The Beths were fantastic.

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The JB Conspiracy Burn Down Manchester

...I thought it was just meant to be a "warm up"?

Manchester Punk Festival is a vast, enthralling beast. With over 130 bands, over three days, its a thing of majesty, to the point of being potentially a bit overwhelming. Plus I was too scared to ask my wife for permission to go – I’ve been out a lot recently! So sadly, this year, I can’t make it.

However, when I heard there was a cheeky little warm up gig, starring none other than my-possibly-favourite-band JB Conspiracy, I got all excited like.

Live Reviews

0161 Matinee Show Review

Quality live punk rock. Cheap as chips too.

I hit up the 0161 + Old Town house Matinee show on the 24th February. Given that I was there, didn’t hurt to take a few pics and try a stab at a wee review… Crocodile God

Finishing off the afternoon/evening(?) were¬†Crocodile God. Me and Dougle had an debate about whether or not they sound vaguely American or not. I think they do, and I’m right. Plus he did agree they sound a bit like a heavier, looser, Northern early 90s Green Day. Which is a terrible, meaningless description, but also about right.