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The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #4

The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast
The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast
The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #4

My friend Dave joins us for episode 4! Unfortunately, Dave apparently only listens to hardcore. Which makes him a rubbish guest for a ska show. He also runs the now defunct Zap Records, and loads of cool/weird zine stuff at Visions Press!

We cover a variety of things including his experience being homeless and how a degree in Archaeology is exactly what led him there. (Not true, before I get shouted at for joking about such things. His homeless experience was to improve his empathy, whilst he is still waiting for his Archaeology degree to lead him anywhere at all!)

Millie Manders Taking Truth, Breaking Ties
Album Reviews

Millie Manders and The Shutup – Telling Truths, Breaking Ties

Female-fronted power punk that takes the listener by the horns

After half a decade as an absolute stalwart of UK Ska Punk, Millie Manders and The Shutup have finally put an album together.

Now, it’s always a challenge reviewing something by someone you are totally in awe of. Not only is Millie utterly ferocious in performance – whilst managing to be friendly and generous in person – she also lives with a cut-me-in-half-and-I-bleed-truth integrity. Whether its her youth musician development tutoring, or her unceasing championing of the under-funded and under-loved Norfolk Arts scene, she’s there. Plus she drew a unicorn mermaid that my 6 year old daughter thought was amazing. She’s slightly intimidating really, but that’s fine, because truly awesome people are meant to be.