Welcome to Warrington Ska Punk!

YAAAAAAAS!!!! SKA PUNK! We love Warrington, we love UK ska punk, err… that’s it?

Our Zine

We like to write things down sometimes. Sometimes they are even about ska punk. Some of them even make it into the worst zine you’ve ever read, WAZZA SKAZZA! Buy one (literally the cost of postage alone) in our merch store, or, probably better, check out our zine online.

Our Events

The Warrington Ska Punk Show was on March 16th 2019. Starring Millie Manders, Smiley & The Underclass, The Siknotes, Easydread, Broken3Ways and Hell Death Fury, it raised £300 for Names Not Numbers charity too, so that’s nothing to sniff at! Keep an eye on our Events page for more…

Our Merch Store

Whether its a fantastic 22 track UK Ska Punk Compilation album, a T-shirt, stickers, badges or our slightly rubbish zine, we have, well, exactly those things for sale in our Merch store. Why not check it out, and remember, every penny goes to Names Not Numbers charity