EP Reviews

EP Reviews

Bruce Lee Band – Rental!! Eviction!!

Idea-stuffed songs that speed by in a danceable whirlwind.

“This night has everything!”

The Bruce Lee Band is the occasional vehicle for stalwart Skanking Pickle all-round-nice-guy skapunk-legend Mike Park. Spanning a whole range of sounds and styles at a breathtaking pace, there’s a lot to like here. Not to mention some gorgeous keys and a pinch of trumpeting to really ice the cake.

EP Reviews

Chinchilla Death Cult – Initiation Rites EP

The Slackers, but a little hungier? Angrier? And... from Leeds.

Initiation Rites, immediately, the moment it opens with “No Conspiracy“, is very, very Slackers. I think this is mostly due to Tim’s vocals having a Vic-Ruggerio-like quality, although there’s definitely a little bit more punch to the underbelly in the rest of the band’s attack.

The Ballad of Jenny Horne” makes me think of a world where Murder By Death carried on with their misery-laced thematic-story telling but also listened to far too much World Inferno Friendship Society. The EP ebbs and flows, with some very catchy musicality. All whilst still telling a story? Fantastic.