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The Warrington Ska Punk Show 2022

We get to dance like idiots together in beautiful Warrington!

OH YES! It’s here again! It’s happening! The latest Warrington Ska Punk Show! BUY TICKETS HERE!

Featuring the double-headliners JB Conspiracy & Call Me Malcolm, supported by a wacky bunch of superheroes including Boom Boom Racoon, Sick Pins, Nutty Skunk and TIC NO TOC! Plus, practically all the money goes to helping kids in need? Crazy good.

The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #3

The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast
The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast
The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #3

Rootin’ and tootin’ round the town with Colin Clark from Colin’s Punk Rock World

We cover a variety of captivating topics, such as “unexpected aisles in Sainsbury’s” and “what I have for Christmas dinner”. Plus I discover my new favourite game – putting Colin on the spot!

Album Reviews

Call Me Malcolm – Me, Myself and Something Else

"We'll keep on fighting and I'll keep on trying until I don't need breath"

I was immediately a little bit hot and bothered when I heard that Call Me Malcolm were bringing out a new album. They are definitely one of my favourite bands in the scene, not just for their delicious music; nor their madcap sense of fun – above all else, CMM stand out for their acknowledgement of having inadequately calibrated brains. Mental health was the focus in their last album, and its front-and-centre in Me, Myself and Something Else.