The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #3

The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #3

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Rootin’ and tootin’ round the town with Colin Clark from Colin’s Punk Rock World

We cover a variety of captivating topics, such as “unexpected aisles in Sainsbury’s” and “what I have for Christmas dinner”. Plus I discover my new favourite game – putting Colin on the spot!

Not to forget a range of awesome tracks:

  • Lightyear – Three Basics
  • Autonomads – Run Like a Girl
  • Just Say Nay – With A Twist Of Lemon
  • Captain A$$hole – Old Habits Don’t Die
  • Soul Radics – Everything I Said I Wouldn’t Do
  • Call Me Malcolm – All My Nameless Friends (Read our review of that album here)
  • Katie MF – Leather Jacket
  • Broken 3 Ways – Into The Void
  • Davey Dynamite and Friends – Gods
  • Less Than Jake – We’re All Dudes

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