Catbite and Call Me Malcolm coming to the Cheshire Cheese!

A free monday night gig with 3 touring bands? Crazy behaviour!

We have another mini-event, with our pals at Wazza Punx, coming up this April!

Starring the fantastic Catbite, on tour from the US with an amazing flavour of modern two-tone/ska punk with some tinges of pop. Epic.

Also on board are:

  • The wonderful Call Me Malcolm, UK Ska Punk heroes!
  • Half Naked Headline, touring Punk/Queercore from the Isle of Man!
  • The Mustard, Melodic punk rock from Manchester!

Flyer below. Here’s the deal though; this gig is a) on a Monday night and b) completely free.

Have lots of other flyers too if you wanna share on your profile or insta or whatever:

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