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Getting Gig Ready with Shout Louder

Running to save our scene...

Shout Louder have organised a fitness challenge to get our scene ready for gigs again!

Warrington Ska Punk’s very own Chris is running 150km during March… That’s the distance from his house to The Salty Dog in Northwich. 7 times!

Click here to help MVT with yer dosh!

Harijan – Harijan

Dour, northern and brilliant. The ska punk that 2020 deserved.

I need to start this review with a confession. Cards on the table time. It’s this: I love what TNS Records represent, absolutely. I absolutely love who they are in the scene, I love their DIY ethic, their stand out values, their inclusivity. But… I struggle to love a lot of the music they release. The problem’s not them – its me.

They’re just a bit too ferocious for me. Their music? It’s wild, it’s untamed. It’s punk with the limiters taken off. And, I’ll be honest, I spent most of yesterday evening reading by the log burner, listening to Nina Simone, and some very chilled out Pama International reggae. And so, the brutal reality is… TNS Records are too punk for me?

Fell Running With Warrington Ska Punk

Running in the rain with an awesome soundtrack

We are all trapped inside again due to Lockdown 2.0. However, just before we went back into it, I got to do some fell running up Pendle Hill. Thanks to some inspiration from TNS Andy, I decided to set it to a soundtrack of some 2000s rock, and some 2020s ska punk.


Record Store Day 2019… Part 3

Fight The System! Here's some legit independent punk and ska records instead!

This article is part three of three. The first talks about why I don’t love Record Store Day. This next will talks about the best of the Official RSD 2019 releases. And this final one bigs up some cool independent ska and punk releases you can also get this month

Lewis: Dead Neck! #DeadGood, best EP since 2014


Skaciety is dead! Long live The Long Game!

A quick chat with The Long Game about the fact you can actually pronounce their name now...

I had a chat yesterday with The Long Game. You’ve probably not heard of them before, but you will have heard of Skaciety. That particular well known Bad Granola act announced yesterday that they are officially changing name to The Long Game. So… it seemed like a good time to get in touch.

Hi, I’m Aiden. I’m the bassist/singer in The Long Game – formerly known as Skaciety.

Album Reviews

Millie Manders Taking Truth, Breaking Ties Millie Manders and The Shutup – Telling Truths, Breaking Ties

Female-fronted power punk that takes the listener by the horns

After half a decade as an absolute stalwart of UK Ska Punk, Millie Manders and The Shutup have finally put an album together.

Now, it’s always a challenge reviewing something by someone you are totally in awe of. Not only is Millie utterly ferocious in performance – whilst managing to be friendly and generous in person – she also lives with a cut-me-in-half-and-I-bleed-truth integrity. Whether its her youth musician development tutoring, or her unceasing championing of the under-funded and under-loved Norfolk Arts scene, she’s there. Plus she drew a unicorn mermaid that my 6 year old daughter thought was amazing. She’s slightly intimidating really, but that’s fine, because truly awesome people are meant to be.

Live Reviews

Kicked in the Tiki-Garden

A real live gig? Northwich has the goods I've been missing for so long...

Today I went to a gig.

EP Reviews

Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Ghosts, Guilt and Grandparents

Vocal driven spangly lo-fi songs that some of you will love...

I’m not really sure why I am writing this review.

Perhaps its just the nature of obsessing about nothing during Lockdown. Sometimes, in our ephemeral hobby of being ‘into’ music, a particular record just grabs you. In this instance Toodles and the Hectic Pity absolutely grabbed me.