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Call Me Malcolm – Echoes & Ghosts

"And if the whispers say you’re not enough, take my hand, cause I still have the cuts"

A disclaimer before I begin this review—It’s absolutely not objective.

I mean, let’s be real. No review is ever objective.

The Warrington Ska Punk Christmas Show!

The latest Warrington Ska Punk Show is coming - and it's a Christmas miracle!

Featuring The JB Conspiracy, Andy B and the World, Shackleford, Tim Loud, Warrington Ska Chris & Pals, and more to come! We will also be showing MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL in between bands, and selling mince pies for charity!

Sounds like you’ll be wanting a ticket, right? It’s blatantly gonna sell out!

Catbite and Call Me Malcolm coming to the Cheshire Cheese!

A free monday night gig with 3 touring bands? Crazy behaviour!

Starring the fantastic Catbite, on tour from the US with an amazing flavour of modern two-tone/ska punk with some tinges of pop. Epic.

Also on board are:


The Ska Punk Show with heart

Punk generosity raised £1364 for Names Not Numbers charity!

So. We did it. We had a massive, joyous Warrington Ska Punk Show!

We had JB Conspiracy, Call Me Malcolm, Boom Boom Racoon, Nutty Skunk, Tic No Toc, and some weirdo playing bad acoustic ska covers. The lot of you blew my socks off!


Skaciety is dead! Long live The Long Game!

A quick chat with The Long Game about the fact you can actually pronounce their name now...

I had a chat yesterday with The Long Game. You’ve probably not heard of them before, but you will have heard of Skaciety. That particular well known Bad Granola act announced yesterday that they are officially changing name to The Long Game. So… it seemed like a good time to get in touch.

Hi, I’m Aiden. I’m the bassist/singer in The Long Game – formerly known as Skaciety.

Album Reviews

Shackleford III Review

Nuneaton's finest return with a solid spinner of grown-up pop-punk

The first time I saw Shackleford live, two things came to mind. First, I thought “These guys probably are probably the stupidest, most hilarious band I’ve ever seen live”. And secondly, I thought “Wow, how do they sound so good?”.

After several years touring on the back of their two EPs – the imaginatively named I and II – they’ve pulled their socks up and put together a full album.

Live Reviews

Friday night Punk at Cheshire Cheese

Luvdump, Count Stickah, Vamos and the Vents and Snakes Among Us put on a show!

Sometimes it’s just great to go see some local punk in a local venue, hang out with your mates from the local scene, tell the same jokes and not travel all the way to Manchester, right?

EP Reviews

Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Ghosts, Guilt and Grandparents

Vocal driven spangly lo-fi songs that some of you will love...

I’m not really sure why I am writing this review.

Perhaps its just the nature of obsessing about nothing during Lockdown. Sometimes, in our ephemeral hobby of being ‘into’ music, a particular record just grabs you. In this instance Toodles and the Hectic Pity absolutely grabbed me.