Friday night Punk at Cheshire Cheese

Luvdump, Count Stickah, Vamos and the Vents and Snakes Among Us put on a show!

Sometimes it’s just great to go see some local punk in a local venue, hang out with your mates from the local scene, tell the same jokes and not travel all the way to Manchester, right?

Friday night, Wazza Punx and Spannered put on this tight little gig in the The Cheshire Cheese in Warrington. I went along and told all the same jokes I usually do. Yelling at the hardcore band to “play a slow one!”? Classic.

First up were Snakes Among Us. They play fast tight hardcore. I mean, what other type is there? The sound was ace (shout out to sound guy Tim) and the bass especially was thundery but still super punchy too.

I’ve no idea what any of their songs were called (think there was a Nerve Agent cover?) but I was able to immediately shout along to some choruses, and what more can you ask for?

The next band, Vamos and the Vents, I heard from outside and immediately loved, based pretty much just from the instant sing-along  woahs. Live at least, they struck me like a bit a keyboard-less Giant Eagles.

Quality lyrics fit the relaxed melodic punkage well. “My Anxiety! It’s such a part of me!” really worked. Sometimes you just can’t beat a solid, simple rhyme, eh? Loved the bass fuzz, and the tom and snare beats were kickass on the slower tunes.

Bobby Stickah in the Count Stickah and his Merry Band theatrical-circus-horror-folk-punk guise was up next. Complete with a sign saying “Gasp!”, costumes, makeup and an eclectic backline. It’s hard to describe, but its a lot of fun.

Bobby and the gang are absolutely consummate performers, and the room full of friends, especially ones who had been drinking, was the ideal audience.

Half the set was a long story leading to a song about “AN INFERNAL BABY GROWING ON MY ARM!”. Draculaesque lovecraftianian performance art ska punk? Hilarious, but also genuinely danceable. Ready to play an undead bar mitzvah near you…

Finally, Luvdump boiled onto the stage. Furious melodic hardcore, their lead singer brings the throaty gristle, with backing harmonies roared from either side. Tight, technical guitar lines are the order of the day.

Occasional frantic ska-tinged moments bring the fun that I find straight-up hardcore lacks. The showmanship reminded me a bit of Harijan. I planned to catch a bit then leave, but stayed for the whole set. Their drummer was absolutely on fire! Gonna check out their music after this.

Another great night, shout out to Cait and Tim for putting it on. Here’s to the next Wazza Punx gig next which WE ARE HELPING RUN?! What’s that? A FREE INTERNATIONAL SKA PUNK GIG?! Surely not. Check out the flyer below and jump on the facebook event page to let us know you are coming!


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