The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #2

The Warrington Ska Punk Podcast #2

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Getting down with The JB Conspiracy!

We interview Bob, Rikk and Lank from The JB Conspiracy. Discover exciting stuff like…

  • What Instrument Does Bob Play?!
  • How Wrong Can Chris Be About “This Machine”?!
  • and Why Doesn’t Lank Want The Rest Of The Band To Have Pizza?!

We also chat about the upcoming new album, and the general experience of recording and life in Lockdown. Plus we play Bob’s favourite band, Fandangle!

Plus some great JB tracks, a slice through their back catalogue:

  • The JB Conspiracy – This Machine
  • The JB Conspiracy – The Manhatten Project
  • The JB Conspiracy – BOC
  • The JB Conspiracy – The Skeleton Key
  • The JB Conspiracy – Taking Flight
  • Fandangle – Sink or Swim
  • The JB Conspiracy – Whispers
  • The JB Conspiracy – Guiding Lights


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